How to: Repair iPhone Messages database after 4.2.1 update

Feb 17

This post is solely to help anyone solve a very specific issue with the iPhone deleting all text messages after a restore or upgrade. I couldn’t find this anywhere else online, so I’m hoping that by posting here it will save someone headaches and time. Unless your iPhone text messages magically deleted themselves, there probably isn’t much...

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Meeting the Woz

Jan 31

On Sunday (Jan 30th), I rode down with two friends to NYC, and at 10:15AM was standing in line for tickets that wouldn’t be sold until 2PM. I don’t think I’ve ever waited in line somewhere for half the time, but my friend was going down to the Engadget show at the Cooper Union in Manhattan, and my Sunday was free. There were already people waiting...

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Welcome, 2011

Jan 06

Happy new year! Lots and lots has happened in the past few weeks. I got to see some great friends over Christmas all over the northeast, and spent New Years in Worcester with good friends. This year has already been amazing, so much that it seems surreal at times. This week, I moved to Somerville MA and started a new job in Cambridge. Much more excitement to...

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Free Amazon Prime for Students

Sep 01

A friend and classmate of mine sent me a link for students to sign up for Amazon Prime for a year. For the unfamiliar, Amazon Prime gives you free 2-day shipping on most books & other items, and usually with the option of $3.99 for one day shipping. The standard rate is $79, but you get a year free as a student with a .edu email address. The reason this is a blog...

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